About Us

About Finnet

Qualified Data, Detailed Analysis

28 Years’ Experience

Finnet has been developing research and analysis software for the market since 1994. Finnet as a developer of many pioneering "applications" in the capital and financial markets, purposes to create innovative products based on advanced technology.

Innovative Products

Finnet brings together Turkey's largest quality database with advanced functions. It provides flexible, customizable, fast and reliable analysis web and desktop platforms about capital and financial markets for professionals, researchers and investors.


Continuing its research and development processes in Yıldız Techno Park since 2014, Finnet uses advanced software technology combined with advanced functions, user-friendly interfaces and customizable applications. Finnet empowers its leading position in the industry with sophisticated, fast and user-friendly solutions.

Qualified Data

Finnet uses up-to-date, adjusted quality data that can always be referenced in its applications and platforms.

Smart Phone Responsive

Finnet enables financial market professionals and retail investors to analyze securities at anytime from mobile devices by FonBul Plus, Finnet 2000 Plus.

Easy Analysis

Finnet offers applications developed with the understanding of "user-focused" analysis, from online channels to desktop and mobile environments.

User Friendly Structure

Finnet, with 28 years of experience, always develops its applications and portals with a user-friendly ergonomic software architecture. It enables quick and simple access to complex formulas using qualified data.

Instant Access to Services

Finnet products are updated easily and quickly. Allows different teams to work in common interfaces, develops shareable and auditable workflows. It allows you to quickly access exactly the content you are looking for without losing sight of the results.

Cutting Edge Technology

Finnet products' chart technology has been renewed and its’ simple, flexible and useful now. Make your analysis without requiring Flash or Java plug-ins.