What is Future Expert?

Future Expert is a platform in Excel that allows you to access future and option market data, making analyzes that you can lean to using complex coefficients and variables with ready formulas.

Advanced Formulas

Generate complex calculations of raw and derived data related to futures and options, and generate new data with Future Expert.

Professional’s choice

Future Expert preferred by investors, researchers, analysts, portfolio managers, real sector companies, and finance experts.

Detailed Data

Ergonomic interface of Future Expert allows you to combine all the data for future and option markets and make quick analysis and comparisons.

Why Future Expert?

Detailed Analysis

Future Expert enables you to get detailed analyzes and analytics such as prices, contract prices, contract sizes, underlying assets, etc. in option and futures markets.

Investment Strategies

Develop future and option market strategies with futures pricing and option strategy tools. Invest in a discipline.

Market Relations

Check the internal dynamics of futures, the relationship of derivatives with the market, and use the gaps between the underlying asset and the future contract for your investments.

Features of Future Expert

Options and futures data can be accessed, such as settlement prices, contract sizes, underlying assets, and you can get customized analyzes from these data with rich formulas.

Analysis Tools

Use quick formulas for future market specific analysis such as hedge ratio, base price difference, theoretical price calculation.

Option Strategy Builder

Create option market strategies and determine the active buy and sell points in your investments.

Advance Price and Maturity Analysis

Calculate a continuous time series and average price for futures contracts. So you can access benchmarking analytics in your forecasts for the future.

Option Pricing

Do option pricing with Black-Scholes pricing method from the basic tools of financial markets.

Option Greeks

Easily calculate option parameters (greek) such as Vega, Delta, Rho, Gamma, Theta and easily transfer the price sensitivity relationship of options to your analyzes.

Advance Listing

List the option contracts by at the money, in the money, out of the money or other features.

Advantages of Future Expert

  • Calculate option pricing with Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model.
  • Follow option greeks such as Vega, Delta, Rho, Gamma, Theta.
  • Keep your reports and templates by Future Expert “background update” feature.
  • One of Turkish Leading Financial Corporations long term solution partner Finnet developed Future Expert module of Analysis Expert with fast software infrastructure, for saving your time.
  • Use Future Expert functions as a nested function in Excel, so you can use them into your macros and other formulas.
  • Get open, high, low, close and volume data like time series with fast “close prices tool” into your Excel sheet.
  • Retrieve macroeconomic data in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly period.
  • Share your Analysis Expert Reports and Templates with other Analysis Expert user by Analysis Expert Report Import/Export feature.
  • List options by at the money, in the money or out of the money situation.
  • Add your functions to favorite functions.
  • Save your time with AE’s sorting and filtering features when you want to prepare your reports. Use filtering and sorting tools for creating financial models.
  • Use inbuilt tables and analytic reports for a quick look.
  • It will be too easy to make a quick table, just select your security universe and double click for functions on “Quick Table Window”.
  • Define your functions with AE formula description tool for frequently using.
  • Get Free Professional Support

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