What Is Fund Expert?

Fund Expert collects Mutual and Pension Fund data with simplicity of Microsoft Excel. Discover funds price changes, periodical, structural and administrative feature with Fund Expert. Use independent fund ratings and make dynamically modelling forecasting.

Wide User Network

From retail investors who want to make money in financial market, to fund managers, portfolio professionals, finance professionals, researchers prefer to use Fund Expert for their analysis.

Customized Formulas

Fund Expert gathers up mutual and pension fund data and processes them with customize formulas and helps to create dynamically future forecasting.

Updated Data

Compare mutual and pension fund performances with their peer group members or other investment instruments. This comparison reports updates automatically which prepared on Analysis Expert Report Screen.


Investment and pension fund ready analytics, detailed report screens, customizable functions and all resources of fund market will be on your screen in just a couple clicks.

Why Fund Expert?

Fund Expert combines all mutual and pension fund data with flexible and perfectible analysis tools. You can analyze peer group performances, keep updated your reports by Analysis Expert Reporting Screen. Easily retrieve fund gross and net returns, fund benchmarks and benchmark contents and develop fund strategies.

Leading Platform

Turkey’s Unique and Comprehensive Mutual and Pension fund Excel Add-in Platform

Rating Modules

Track five-star funds that rating by two different legal fund rating companies.

Enriched Analysis Tools

Ensure mutual and pension fund analysis tools for academic and professional researchs.

Forecasting Modelling Opportuny

Investors can create their forecasting models with advance formula infrastructure.

Specific Analytics

Fund Expert provides specific analysis such as portfolio diversification to funds key statistics.

Fast Update

Fund Expert feeds your models and tables with updated data.

Personal Templates

Create your personal templates for understanding fund market.

Which analysis does Fund Expert support?

Comparative Analysis

Analyze your fund against its peer group members, and keep your analysis updated by AE reporting screen.

Deeply Analysis

Track incoming or outgoing money of portfolio. Discover the increasing of portfolio caused from returns or new investors.

Performance Analysis

Measure fund manager performance by fund manager performance analysis. Compare managers and inspect which manager is successful.

Risk Analysis

Calculates important statistics like Information ratio, Sharpe ratio, Tracking error, Risk Values in just a couple click.

Fund Category and Sector Analysis

Investigate and analyze mutual and pension fund sectors and categories like analyzing and examining a fund.

Convertible Formulas

Follow your fund’s portfolio manager’s performance and asset allocation strategy and fund’s asset allocation with convertible formulas. Fund Expert is the access point of regular data and analytics.

Features of Fund Expert?

Ready-to-Use Analysis

Outstanding rates, current assets, portfolio asset changes, profile pages, management fees and many other of funds are into Fund Expert

Fund Lists

List fund which belong chosen category or all mutual or pension funds.

News and Benchmark Tables

Fund news and benchmark tables wide your point of view to performance definition with simple, effective and fast analysis.

Key Statistics

Display fund’s key statistics and get this values into your spread sheet by individual formulas.

Bench Marking

Compare benchmark returns against mutual and Investment fund gross&net returns which categorized by Turkish Capital Market Association.

Fund Search

Specify the fund that you can invest by deeply performance measurement analysis tools of Fund Expert.

Detailed reports

Detail your reports with mutual and pension funds returns, historical prices, assets, portfolio diversifications, performance attributions since IPO.

Generalized Contents

Fund managers or founders can investigate like fund asset diversification and asset diversification changes or return with generalized Fund Expert formulas structure.

Advantages of Fund Expert

  • Keep your reports and templates by Fund Expert “background update” feature.
  • One of Turkish Leading Financial Corporations long term solution partner Finnet developed Fund Expert module of Analysis Expert with fast software infrastructure, for saving your time.
  • Use Fund Expert functions as a nested function in Excel, so you can use them into your macros and other formulas.
  • Get open, high, low, close and volume data like time series with fast “close prices tool” into your Excel sheet.
  • Retrieve data in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly period.
  • Do not get lost at various excel functions and excel sheets, use “Analysis Expert Report Tool” for preparing specific reports and ready to use templates.
  • Share your Analysis Expert Reports and Templates with other Analysis Expert user by Analysis Expert Report Import/Export feature.
  • Add your functions to favorite functions.
  • Save your time with AE’s sorting and filtering features when you want to prepare your reports. Use filtering and sorting tools for creating financial models.
  • Use inbuilt tables and analytic reports for a quick look.
  • Inbuilt tables provide from daily closes to daily bulletin on one screen.
  • It will be too easy to make a quick table, just select your security universe and double click for functions on “Quick Table Window”.
  • Create your security group.
  • Define your functions with AE formula description tool for frequently using.
  • Get Professional Free Support.

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