What is Commodity&Currency Expert?

Commodity&Currency Expert is a platform which involves precious metal data such as gold, silver, and brent, cotton futures data. Display performances, create reports and researches and watch price movements of CBRT currencies, open market currencies, and commodity market goods.

Professional’s Choice

Commodity and Currency Expert is choice of trade professionals, jewelry dealers, textile industry professionals who watch commodity and currency market.

Comparative Analysis Platform

Analyze and compare commodities’ prices with open market and CBRT parity prices by Commodity &Currency Expert.

Powerful Data Feed

Commodity&Currency Expert supports your effective analysis by its unique functions and database in Excel environment.

Why Commodity&Currency Expert?

Which is heavier, 1 kg iron or 1 kg cotton? Commodity and Currency Expert helps you finding out correct answer of this question in the volatile commodity market.

Easy Access

Get coffee, cotton or nickel prices with a single button, analyze it with free market or Central Bank exchange rates with Commodity-Currency Expert.

Updated Data

Compare world indices, exchange rates with the current data of Istanbul Stock Exchange, you can direct your investments.

Historical Data

For example, developments in the oil market can be tracked by adjusted historical deviations from exchange rates devaluations.

Which Analysis Does Commodity&Currency Expert?

Historical Analysis

Commodity&Currency Expert supports your analysis with historical price data.

Custom Functions

Display parity values changes and effect of this changes on the market.


Do not spend your time for updating your reports, let Analysis Expert do it for you.

Ready Templates

Create reports and templates for everyday works with daily price movements bulletins of commodities and currencies.

Data Periods

Follow historical trends of gold, create forecasting models with daily, weekly and yearly time series data.

Daily Closes

Examine price movements of goods market details and compare with currency basket data.

Historical Performance

Extensively analyze historical performance of parities and commodities.

Comparative Analysis

Prepare comparison analysis between currencies, commodities and other financial instruments.


Follow historical trends. Discover which instruments effects currencies.

Historical Data Set

Analyze Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey interventions which making for the protection value of Turkish Lira against foreign exchanges.

Advantages of Commodity&Currency Expert

  • Keep your reports and templates by Commodity and Currency Expert “background update” feature.
  • One of Turkish Leading Financial Corporations long term solution partner Finnet developed Commodity-Currency Expert module of Analysis Expert with fast software infrastructure, for saving your time.
  • Use Commodity and Currency Expert functions as a nested function in Excel, so you can use them into your macros and other formulas.
  • Get open, high, low, close and volume data like time series with fast “close prices tool” into your Excel sheet.
  • Retrieve data in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly period.
  • Do not get lost at various excel functions and excel sheets, use “Analysis Expert Report Tool” for preparing specific reports and ready to use templates.
  • Share your Analysis Expert Reports and Templates with other Analysis Expert user by Analysis Expert Report Import/Export feature.
  • Add your functions to favorite functions.
  • Save your time with AE’s sorting and filtering features when you want to prepare your reports. Use filtering and sorting tools for creating financial models.
  • Use inbuilt tables and analytic reports for a quick look.
  • Inbuilt tables provide from daily closes to daily bulletin on one screen.
  • It will be too easy to make a quick table, just select your security universe and double click for functions on “Quick Table Window”.
  • Create your security group.
  • Define your functions with AE formula description tool for frequently using.
  • Get Free Support

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