What is Bill/Bond Expert?

Bond Expert is an Excel-based platform that enables you to quickly access the data in public and private sector bonds and bills, make detailed analyzes and generate reports.

Customized Formulas

Bond Expert allows you to convert simple, compound interest, maturity, and return analytics by customized formulas in the fixed-income securities market.

Up-to-Date and Dynamic

Create custom analysis templates using bill and bond data, update templates by click on a button, you can make dynamic analyzes.

Professional’s Choice

Bond Bono Expert is the choice of treasury units, portfolio managers, research units, corporate finance departments and operations departments.

Effective Analysis

Bond Expert enables efficient analysis of the entire debt market from the asset to the issuer with debt transactions data.

Why Bill/Bond Expert?

Bond Expert provides regular and usable analytical data of debt securities such as Government Bond, Private Sector Bonds, Treasury Bills, Rent Certificate. Content of it allows you to look at bonds and bills from a broad perspective.

Massive Database

Bonds Bills Expert has a database that is wide ranging from issue, redemption, yield and price data to simple, compound and processed interest rates.

Advance Analytics

Calculate yield curves, duration, convexity and macaulay duration and draw yield curves.

Regular Data

Compare classified fixed-income securities with each other, and you can highlight the maturity-price advantage assets.

Quick Access

Can quickly access fixed income securities with a quote and see the definition information you need on a single screen.


Access the ratings of fixed income assets and estimate your financial risk.

Special Content

Use a specially prepared issue schedule and view future cash flows in a single window.

Feature of Bill/Bond Expert

Issue and Maturity Dates

Display bonds list, bond groups, bond types, issue dates and maturity dates.

Debt Instruments

Get debt instruments of private sector companies, list domestic and foreign exports.

Ready Tables

Examine bond daily bulletin and repo bulletin boards from ready-to-use tables.

Eurobond Issue Data

Display Eurobond information and issue data.

Auction Data

Reach the auction data of the Undersecretariat of Treasury, you can see the interest rates of CBRT.

Advantages of Bill/Bond Expert

  • Expand your analysis with ready-use formulas such as simple, compound interest, yield, spread.
  • Keep your reports and templates by Warrant Expert “background update” feature.
  • One of Turkish Leading Financial Corporations long term solution partner Finnet developed Warrant Expert module of Analysis Expert with fast software infrastructure, for saving your time.
  • Use Warrant Expert functions as a nested function in Excel, so you can use them into your macros and other formulas.
  • Get open, high, low, close and volume data like time series with fast “close prices tool” into your Excel sheet.
  • Retrieve data in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly period.
  • Do not get lost at various excel functions and excel sheets, use “Analysis Expert Report Tool” for preparing specific reports and ready to use templates.
  • Share your Analysis Expert Reports and Templates with other Analysis Expert user by Analysis Expert Report Import/Export feature.
  • Add your functions to favorite functions.
  • Save your time with AE’s sorting and filtering features when you want to prepare your reports. Use filtering and sorting tools for creating financial models.
  • Use inbuilt tables and analytic reports for a quick look.
  • Inbuilt tables provide from daily closes to daily bulletin on one screen.
  • It will be too easy to make a quick table, just select your security universe and double click for functions on “Quick Table Window”.
  • Create your security group.
  • Define your functions with AE formula description tool for frequently using.
  • Get Free Professional Support

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