API & Data Feed

If you want to create a financial portal, desktop or mobile application for your customers, the solution that you are looking for is Finnet’s Data Feed and API solutions. Use effective Finnet Financial Data Solutions for SaaS, website, mobile application or projects.

a. Analysis Expert API

Access to the data of capital market assets and the content which derived from these data by Finnet Analysis Expert application programming interface. Use any programming language to get analysis or financial contents that developed for your institution. Accelerate your software development processes with Analyzer Expert API, which provides systematic and easy access.

  • Stock Expert API
  • Fund Expert API
  • Bond and Bill Expert API
  • VIOP Expert API
  • Warrant Expert API
  • Commodity and Currency Expert API
  • Macro Expert API

b. Financial Data Solutions

Empower your web based products with data feed solutions. Finnet Financial Web Service Solution will be available to you with advanced data transmission technologies that you can use in your web-based products. Create content for your financial platforms in line with your requirement and do not incur extra costs.

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