Financial Web Content Solutions

Easily integrate financial content created with Finnet's extensive database and advanced functions into your website. Finnet's quality and quality feeds, interfaces and analysis are just a step ahead.


Finnet's ready-to-use, easy-to-integrate financial content gives your portals dynamism. Financial content is always updated and qualified with extensive scale solutions.


Charts or mathematical models integrate into your website with amazing flexibility. You just choose.

Mobile Friendly

Charts, analyzes, tables or complex financial ratios are effectively transferred not only to desktop computers, but also to mobile environments, smart phones or tablets by Finnet Mobile Friendly Solutions.


Deliver meaningful, quality, and analytic content to investors, finance professionals, or researchers with advanced technology software with Finnet’s 22 years’ experiences in data vending.

Finnet Web Content Solutions:


Your website visitors can check on your share movements and information at your website. Make your website more popular with responsive content on mobile phones or tablets, not only your desktop computers.

Today’s Market

Integrate a quick and comprehensive outlook of the market into your website. Also, it can be interpreted analytical contents. Get indexes closes, net changes, percentage changes, top gainers, top losers, amount, volumes, and session statistics with Finnet’s “Today’s Market” solutions.

Financial Tables

Retrieve shares can be placed on the balance sheets and income statements of companies traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Fund Data and Analysis

Finnet as owner of the Turkey’s oldest fund market information portal FonBul ( provides fund market, fund asset allocations, fund strategy, risk values.

Company Profiles

Sectors, indices, market information, paid-in capital, exchange rates, risk groups, subsidiaries and partnerships of the companies can be easily integrated to the your corporate website in a fast, renewable and updatable format.

Key Ratios

Add an analytical component that is ready for use to the financial ratios that are true indicators of the current market conditions of the companies and you can publish the historical opening, closing, low, high, volume and amount data adjusted to the present date from the date of public offering.

Financial Calculators

Easily integrate "web-based calculators" running on a wide scale, from Finnet 's simple stock return calculations to futures theoretical price calculations, to easily integrate into your site. Check on Finnet's calculators at Finansmatik (

Capital, Dividend Calculators

What does make shares precious? Of course, dividend payments and capital increases. Capital and dividend calculators of Finnet, easily adapt to your web site.

Option and Warrant Calculators

Integrate all kinds of calculations of options and warrants into your website, from the desktop environment to tablets and smartphones everywhere.

Bond Bill Data and Analysis

Get calculations on all data and borrowing instruments in the marketplace on your web platform and add your dynamism, depth and quality to your financial platforms.

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