What is Analysis Expert?

Finnet Analysis Expert is a financial analysis software that enables to retrieve detailed data sets related to Turkish capital market instruments into "Excel Environment”.

Analyze with Ready-to-Use Excel Formulas Now

Quickly get your data into Excel environment with ready excel functions, easily create your report templates, start analyzing immediately.

Use Specific Ratios of Multiple Securities

Make a difference in your analysis and reporting with significant ratios, prepared by market experts, based on investment instruments.

Meet Speed and High Technology

Create time series with one key, update your reports, speed up your analysis.

Experience the Finnet Degree in Data Quality

Finnet Analysis Expert, which makes a difference in the sector with its data quality, data diversity and easy usage, is also the first choice of financial sector professionals.

Why Analysis Expert?

Finnet Analysis Expert's powerful database and customized functions speed time for researchers and financial professionals. Simple, fast and stunning analyzes allow remarkable research and reports.

Power of mora than 1200 Functions

Finnet Analysis Expert uses all of the special 1200 functions that handle the huge dataset. From stocks to futures, from mutual funds to mutual funds at different markets, EBITDA, funding criteria, simple and compound interest, risk protection, theoretical pricing, etc.

Special Analysis with Tailor Made Formulas

Privatized ratios by sectors, by market or by different investment instruments provide sensitive instruments to the professional virtuoso of the financial market.

Fast, Sensitive and High Technology

Finnet Analysis Expert's advanced technology software allows you to create time series, edit datasets, update reports instantly and analyze at the speed of information by just pressing a key.

Privilege in Data Quality and Diversity

Data quality of Finnet Analysis Expert means that each figure is clear, clean and provable. Finnet Analysis Expert puts this massive data repository it has created and tested on a regular basis into the service of professional professionals with just a few keystrokes.

What does Finnet Analysis Expert support?

Stock Expert

Do stocks have secrets? Give this questions answer with Stock Expert. All of the shares that are traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange are just a few steps. Get by formulas and fast reporting tools historical balance sheets and income statement, market dataset.

Fund Expert-Fund Ratings

All instruments in the Fund market are processed with special functions from the date of public offering, including prices, asset sizes, asset distributions, participant numbers, market shares, gross and net returns under the eyes of the Fund Expert. In Turkey's most comprehensive database, you can find all the news related to the funds, evaluate it together with the performance of the funds, and turn it into remarkable reports. Fund Rating data from two independent rating companies are among the possibilities offered by the Fund Expert.

Bond Expert

What is actually going on in fixed-income securities? Bonds Expert provides all the data for bonds, bills and private sector debt instruments together with loan transactions.

Warrant Expert

Varant Expert combines market data from Delta, Gamma values, technical ratios as you wish with detailed and complex formulas. With the flexible and fast modules of the Warrant Expert, the intrinsic value, the time value, the peak point are poured prominently with a few clicks.

Future Expert

Is it possible to buy and sell the future? Future Expert calls this question "yes" with the details of futures and options markets and detailed analysis. Effective and striking analytics that can capture not only what's happening in futures and options markets but also spot market data can easily turn into reports and make a difference.

Macro Expert

Interest rates, exchange rates, stock quotes, futures ... Thousands of indicators belonging to the economy are filtered from the quality data and become a detailed picture that you will frame the frame with Macro Expert. Opportunity to examine the market and economy as a whole in the light of macroeconomic indicators.

Commodity-Currency Expert

Gold, silver, dollar, platinum, crude oil. Currencies and commodity prices that are circulating in the heart of the trade and economy are processed together with the Commodity-Currency Expert, which adds dimension to your analysis with advanced, specialized formulas.


Use Turkish Capital Markets data with over 1200 functions in your software development environment. Create a custom and dynamic structure for your institution with richer and more functional content in your software projects. Finnet has developed a large data repository using the Analysis Expert API to provide you with an effective software tool for your projects. Use it for your software development projects with real data and formulas.

Features of Analysis Expert

Massive Data Set

Easily select the financial instrument or instrument group you want to study from the list and move it to Excel and start analyzing immediately using formulas.

Financial Ratios and Statistical Datasets

Calculate the financial and statistical ratios, which are the basic indicators of the financial markets, in Finnet Analysis Expert.

Ready Reports

Finnet Analysis Expert includes ready report formats for stock market and mutual – pension funds markets. Auto-updated reports will make your work easier.

Updated Data

Finnet Analysis Expert updates its data with Finnet Data Feed software via internet. In just a few minutes you can update the data sets in all the modules you are using.

Recent and Historical Market Data

Finnet Analysis Expert provides easy access to data sets on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis with a few keystrokes about all the investment tools in different markets. Use Finnet Analysis Expert, which incorporates historical data of instruments, as your resource in your financial analysis studies and research.

Advantages of Analysis Expert Analysis Expert

  • Define custom formulas
  • Use all financial data of companies in Excel environment
  • Access to industry, banking and insurance balance sheets and details
  • Standardized financial statements
  • Templates showing all financial ratios
  • Comparative analyzes
  • Practical analysis in Excel with BİST data
  • Shares, Indices, Exchange Traded Funds data
  • Share capital dividend data
  • Foreign exchange market data such as Central Bank rates, Cross rates, Currency basket, Open market exchange rates
  • Over 10,000 investment instrument analysis
  • Mutual and pension fund ratings
  • A comprehensive data base from macroeconomic data to foreign shares, from securities to option prices
  • Mutual Funds performance and portfolio allocations, comparisons
  • Asset allocation details of pension and mutual funds, current and daily information
  • All the daily information from the beginning of the Fund market, all current and historical information, analyzes
  • Futures markets, Indexes, foreign exchanges and commodities
  • Debt instruments such as bills/bonds, KYD indexes, Repos data
  • Precious metals, World indices, Futures, Macro, Warrants, Libor, Exchange money market data of Turkish Capital Market
  • Automatic data feed

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