What is Finnet 2000 Plus?

Finnet 2000 Plus is an Expert platform that keeps its finger on the pulse of Istanbul Stock Exchange. Display, investigate, compare and follow shares and other financial instruments by your computer or smart phones with Finnet 2000 Plus. Finnet 2000 Plus includes from “Buy” and “Sell” signals to price-earnings ratio, balances sheets to industrial analysis broad range data and analysis about financial markets.

Ready, Updated and Customizable Analyses

Finnet 2000 Plus helps you to analyze daily, weekly, yearly and periodically data customize as your stocks or industries or period preferences.

Attractive Shares

Finnet 2000 Plus supports you to use various analysis methods on stock market data for making better investment decisions.

Use Different Data Together

Use fundamental data such as income statement and profit before tax, together with technical indicators such as Moving Averages, RSI, MACD.

Visual Ergonomics and Accessibility

Finnet 2000 Plus enables you to access stock market indicators by its fast, flexible and responsive design.

Discover Alternative Markets

Finnet 2000 Plus allows retrieving on the one hand stock market details on the other hand bonds, bills, foreign exchanges, futures, options and warrants data.

Expert Analysis and Indicators

Display buy and sell signals which calculates by 12 different variables, bottom/peak analysis, cheap or expensive shares with Finnet 2000 Plus. Make effective investment decisions by fast and practical analysis.

From Data to News, From News to Analysis

Finnet 2000 Plus helps making comparison between companies’ data of capital increases, investments, acquisitions or sales. Inspect facts of company notifications, announcements to stock prices.

Why Finnet 2000 Plus?

Finnet 2000 Plus brings stock market to your computer and smart phones by responsive design, user friend visualization, and cutting-edge high software technology. It integrates speed, information, and performance into your investment decisions by expert analysis tools.

Expert Analysis

Easily analyze shares performances between two dates or periodically.

Indicator Analysis

Follow Istanbul Stock Exchange daily movements by ready to use analysis tables.

Buy and Sell Signals

Check on buy and sell signals which calculate by using technical indicators.


Do not overlook companies and industries news. Easily access companies and industries news.

Financial Analysis

Display simultaneously companies balance sheets when they announce them.

Which Analysis does Finnet 2000 support?

Company Analysis

Finnet 2000 Plus includes individual analysis pages for each public offered company. You can examine technical analysis, balance sheet analysis, financial ratios, related news, foreign transactions and holding data each one of your favorite company.

Settlement Analysis

Finnet 2000 Plus settlement analyses show the brokerage firms, asset management, banks and venture capitals positions in related share. You can watch settlement changes and discover that which brokerage more active to buy or sell company’s shares.

Finnet 2000 Plus Market Watch

Track price movements of shares, stock exchange indexes, currency market, future and option market, warrant, bill, bond and repos market data.

Industry-Index Analyses

Finnet 2000 Plus enables investigating detail of industrial and financial indexes. You can get special stock data tables in indexes, financial ratios, index indicators, settlement analysis.

Foreign Transaction Analyses

Watch Foreign investors investment positions changes by “foreign transactions analyses” pages, follow net bought and net sold shares and evaluate industrial purchases and sales.

Finnet 2000 Plus Expert Analysis

Finnet 2000 Plus brings stock market to your computer and smart phones by responsive design, user friend visualization and cutting-edge high software technology. It integrates speed, information and performance into your investment decisions by expert analysis tools.

Hot Stocks

Finnet 2000 Plus helps you realizing stocks that separates from its peer group by moving averages, indicators and other price movements.

Buy-Sell Signals

Finnet 2000 Plus gives buy and sell signals and shows oversold or overbought shares by 12 technical variables.

Cheap and Expensive Stocks

Specify cheap or expensive stocks by price movement between chosen periods and reshape your portfolio.

Performance and Bottom/Peak Analysis

Identify featured shares by company’s performances between two dates and periodically. Analyze stocks prices peak and bottom analysis and reshape your investments.

Fundamental Analysis

Finnet 2000 Plus involves companies all balance sheets since their IPO. So you can compare company’s historical performance by financial ratios and balance sheet Items.

Technical Analysis

Finnet 2000 Plus watches share’s technical indicator values and comments automatically by oversold and overbought point.

Finnet 2000 Plus Market Watch

Stock Market

Watch intraday share prices data 15 delayed for Istanbul Stock Exchange. Sort shares by price changes. Display ask and bid prices.

Stock Exchange Indexes

Follow stock exchange data, indexes price changes, open, low, high, close prices and volume data for delayed 15 minutes.

Money Market

Watch real time Money Market, Money Market Summary, Securities Lending Market, Best bid/ask in Securities Lending Market, securities lending market summary data.

Derivative Market

Display 15 delayed price movement of Derivatives such as options and future contracts.

Currencies and Parities

Real time CBRT Currency, open market currency, parities, precious metal data.

Bond/Bill- Repos

Track real time Outright Purchases and Sales Market, Outright Purchases and Sales Market Summary, outright purchases and sales market (private sector), purchases and sales market small, BIST Eurobond Market, Repos-Reverse Repos Market data.

Warrant Market

Follow 15 delayed stock warrants intraday data, price changes, bid and ask prices and last prices.

Favorite Securities

Add your favorite securities for tracking latest price movements into your watch list.


Updated economics, stock exchanges, fund, bond, politics and general news.

Finnet 2000 Plus Advantages

  • Finnet 2000 Plus appeals all amateur and professional investor by its scope and user-friendly structure.
  • Easily examine detailed analysis of stocks by Finnet 2000 Plus. If you want to see a company details, you just enter the stock quote from main page.
  • Finnet 2000 Plus support you analyzing industry performance and financial ratio analysis.
  • Finnet 2000 plus provides foreign investor transactions data and analysis of securities and industries.
  • You can try Finnet 2000 Plus with limited financial instruments for data and analysis content.
  • Finnet 2000 Plus subscribers can use Active Charts Technical Analysis Software by internet explorer browser on Finnet 2000 Plus website. (Active Charts helps you using technical analysis methods on shares, indexes and currencies and other Turkish Capital Market Financial Instruments. It includes 69 indicators.)
  • Practically get detailed and updated numerical datasets of the stock market and share by Finnet 2000 Plus.
  • Finnet 2000 Plus includes Bond/Bill Market Summary, Open Market and CBRT currency data, cross parity, repos market daily data.
  • Free Professional Support.

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