Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Do you want to use a unique algorithm for your investment? Finnet offers comprehensive software solutions for your Algorithmic Trading Platforms with over 1200 functions and over 10 thousand securities.

Advantages of Finnet’s Algorithmic Trading Solutions:

1. Massive Database

Use Finnet raw database and enrich your platform.

  • Stock Price Data
  • Stock Balance Sheet Data
  • Stock Market Data
  • Fund and Fund Market Database
  • Bond and Bill Database
  • Future Market Database
  • Option Market Database
  • Warrant Market Database
  • Macroeconomic Indicators Dataset
  • CBRT and Open Market Parity Data

2. Functionality

Get whole analytic content which have been created with more than 22 years of market experience of Finnet.

  • Stock Price Analysis Functions
  • Stock Market Price Analysis Functions
  • Balance Sheet Ratios
  • Market Ratios
  • Statistical Functions
  • Fund Analysis
  • Fund Market Analysis
  • Future Fair Value Calculation Formulas
  • Option Pricing Functions
  • Option and Warrant Greek Formulas

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