What is Macro Expert?

Macro Expert is a flexible analysis platform for Microsoft Excel which involves customized and detailed formulas and analytics of Turkish macroeconomic indicators.

Ready-to-Use Templates

Use prepared reports and templates which includes large amount of data such as open market operations to capacity utilization rate of Turkey.

Analytical Content

Macro Expert enable to access value added analysis and different scenario modelling tools by its user-friendly interfaces.

Unlimited Utility

It creates unlimited utility for corporations, investors, analysts, students, researchers and academics with extensive research and analysis data feed capacity.

Why Macro Expert?

What do you need to broaden your perspective to see Turkey economic situation? Macro Expert gives you power of the right of choice. Select macroeconomic indicator as your preference and report them with the detailed variable of financial markets.

Hundreds of Indicator Data

List statistics of export, GDP and many other data with Macro Expert.

Advanced Functionality

Select period that you want to get datasets and process them with advanced formulas.

Current and Historical Data

Create time series from recent and historical datasets, and use them into your data tables Macro Expert.

Detailed Reports

Customer price index, gross domestic product and many other that is used by analyst to interpret investment possibilities or to judge the overall health of an economy, become in your Excel spread sheets.


Prepare your tables on Analysis Expert Report Screen, to have flexible, sortable and reliable analytic tables.

Comparative Analysis

All the datasets in macroeconomic indicator datasets are comparable to any other.

Features of Macro Expert

Detailed Indicator Data

80 indicators data in main category and 5000 in sub category which receivable from Microsoft Excel.

Quick Access

Get Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey balance sheets, export data, employment data and the many others.

Convertible Contents

Use Macro Expert for making better investment decisions, buying or selling house and further more.

Bench Marking

Create value added analytic reports of from the expectation survey, housing units and the other massive dataset of it.

Powerful Report Screen

Do not get lost into data mass, create your simple and understandable reports by powerful reporting screen.


Finnet Analysis Expert opens your eyes to see bigger picture with its Macro Expert.


Macro Expert ensure you a flexible and the cutting edge technology platform.

Advantages of Macro Expert

  • Keep your reports and templates by Macro Expert “background update” feature.
  • One of Turkish Leading Financial Corporations long term solution partner Finnet developed Macro Expert module of Analysis Expert with fast software infrastructure, for saving your time.
  • Use Macro Expert functions as a nested function in Excel, so you can use them into your macros and other formulas.
  • Get open, high, low, close and volume data like time series with fast “close prices tool” into your Excel sheet.
  • Retrieve macroeconomic data in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly period.
  • Do not get lost at various excel functions and excel sheets, use “Analysis Expert Report Tool” for preparing specific reports and ready to use templates.
  • Share your Analysis Expert Reports and Templates with other Analysis Expert user by Analysis Expert Report Import/Export feature.
  • Add your functions to favorite functions.
  • Save your time with AE’s sorting and filtering features when you want to prepare your reports. Use filtering and sorting tools for creating financial models.
  • Use inbuilt tables and analytic reports for a quick look.
  • Inbuilt tables provide from daily closes to daily bulletin on one screen.
  • It will be too easy to make a quick table, just select your security universe and double click for functions on “Quick Table Window”.
  • Create your security group.
  • Define your functions with AE formula description tool for frequently using.
  • Get Free Support

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