What is FonBul Plus?

FonBul Plus is a web based mutual and pension funds platform with fast and practical analysis tools. FonBul provides observing detailed fund performances data and analyzing, displaying and creating customized reports.

Fund Market Detail Analysis

Follow and compare fund price, establishment information, return table, charts, portfolio allocation, outstanding percentage, management information, strategy and fund news on individual pages that belong each fund.

Fund Ratings

Mutual and pension fund ratings show mutual and pension funds historical risk adjusted performance and this performance persistency. You can easily get fund ratings on www.FonBul.com

Fund Portfolio Analysis

You can retrieve mutual and pension fund’s portfolio allocation percentage changes and allocation percentages in chosen period.

Fund Market Outlook

Display fund market general outlook and quick daily evaluation with FonBul.com. Overlook fund market with special fund guides.

Which analysis do Fonbul Plus provide?

Portfolio Allocation

FonBul.com enables retrieving portfolio values, total values, portfolio allocation data of fund main and sub categories and supports these with rich and qualified charts.

Fund Returns

Examine all funds returns sets based on Turkish Lira and US Dollars between different dates. Compare daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance of funds.

Today’s Fund Categories

Top gainers and top losers funds, number of total invertors, market summary, assets, portfolio allocation and much more than this title can observable on FonBul daily fun market outlook pages.

Returns Between Two Dates

Returns between two dates title helps you to list mutual and pension funds daily returns between chosen dates.


Fund profiles pages ensures you, to investigate foundation information, manager information, portfolio allocation, outstanding rates, news and management strategies.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund market current affairs, daily valuation, top losers, top gainers, news summaries, FonBul Plus Mutual Funds main pages. Beside, alternative markets such as Istanbul Stock Exchanges, gold market, repos market, active bonds-bills, foreign exchange and loan markets price data can display on mutual fund main page.

Pension Funds

FonBul Plus provides you to daily changes and movements in pension fund market. Regularly updating FonBul Plus Pension Fund web page will supports you to making better pension plan decisions. Pension fund category daily news summaries and other market data are on FonBul Pension Fund main page.

News Summary

Display top 5 news by chronologically order on the FonBul Plus main page. Also you can read the content of the fund news details on pop-up page with just one click.

Manager Performance

Evaluate portfolio allocation changes and returns of Fund manager for different time periods. Compare managers and their management skills with performance indicators in FonBul Plus.

Fund News

Whole news about mutual and pension funds are classified in FonBul Plus since their initiation dates. Just select the fund that you want to examine and filter them by sources, subjects, date, and details.

Why FonBul Plus?

FonBul.com provides fast, practical analysis for financial professionals, researchers, analysts, investors, investors who want to know about dynamics of fund market. User-friendly interface of FonBul meets the professional analysis needs of mutual and pension funds with responsive up-to-date technology.

Discover Fund Market

Identify fund market with special fund guides that designed to inform investors about mutual funds, pension funds. Monitor the development, performance of each fund.

Compare with Alternatives

Choose two dates to set the price chart at Fonbul.com, compare this chart with a different fund charts or BIST Indexes, GDS(Government Debt Securities) Indexes or the specially calculated FonBul Plus Fund Indexes.

Risk Measurement

View, compare, and control the risks of funds with Standard deviations, Sharpe ratio, Treynor, Beta, Sortino ratios.

Fund Search

It’s easier to make fund market investment decisions with Fund Search. Filter funds according to fund types, returns, portfolio allocation, performances and portfolio manager criteria, and you can quickly select the investment vehicle that minimizes your risk.

Advantages of FonBul Plus

  • Monitor up-to-date fund information on FonBul.
  • Filter funds by fund performances, portfolio allocations, number of investors and free float rates.
  • Examine the funds in a comparative way on the basis of categories and managers, as well as a detailed look at each of the individually tailored fund profile pages.
  • Investigate market share of manager, total portfolio values and number of investors.
  • Access daily asset allocation and asset allocation of fund sectors and categories.
  • Get daily and historical price data as time series.
  • Display fund price charts and do technical analysis.
  • Make fund returns analysis of mutual and pension funds.
  • Examine Sharpe Ratio, standart deviation, Treynor ratio, Beta and Sortino of funds.
  • Get Free Professional Support

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